Free Stock Screener - (2024)

The Stocks Screener allows you to search for equities using custom filters that you apply.

What's Included

For the U.S. market, the Stock Screener uses pre-market prices starting at 9:00 AM ET. Pre-market prices are exchange delayed 15 minutes. The Screener Results returns a snapshot of the request, and do not update (as indicated by a "flash" on the price fields, normally seen on other tables).

The Screener is also designed to only return data for symbols that have actively traded in the last seven days.

Main features of the Screener include:

  • Customizable filters, based on over 150 different data points, with hundreds of different combinations.
  • Save a Screener: When you've defined filters that you want to use again, save the screener. A free My Barchart account allows you to save one custom screener. A Barchart Plus membership lets you save up to 10 custom screeners, while a Barchart Premier Membership allows unlimited custom screeners. Barchart Plus and Premier also allows you to save a screener with your preferred view and sort, so the next time you access it, it's formatted exactly as you want.
  • Barchart Screeners: Select a sample screener provided by Barchart. You can modify the filters and save your new screener to your account.
  • Save to Watchlist: You may save up to 1000 symbols from your Screener results to a new Watchlist, or append the results to an existing Watchlist.
  • Custom Views: Once on the results page, you may change your view to the "Filter" view (showing you the fields you've screened for), or any of your saved Custom Views.
  • Flipcharts: Page through charts of the symbols on the results page.
  • Download: Download up to 1000 screener results to a .csv file. The Download will include the data fields for the View you use.
  • Automatic Screener Emails: This option is available for Barchart Premier Members only. When you save a screener, you can opt to receive the top 10, 25, or 50 results via email along with an optional .csv file of the top 1000 results. Emails can be sent Overnight (3:00am CT), Market Open (9:00am CT), Mid-Day (12:00pm CT), and End-of-Day (4:45pm CT), and Monday through Friday.

    Note: When selecting the Filter View for your Screener email, a filter must identify a specific search value in order for it to be included in the email.


When you first load the screener, you'll see certain exchanges selected in the "Exchanges" filter. Change your Market (top right hand corner of the site) to switch to a U.S., Canadian, United Kingdom, Australian, or European Stock Screener. Starting from this list, you may include/exclude specific equities by checking or unchecking the appropriate check boxes.

  • For the U.S. Market, equities covered include NYSE, NYSE Arca (AMEX), NASDAQ, and OTC-US ("Pink Sheets"). You may also choose to exclude Non-Common stocks using the check box provided in the "Exchanges" section on the Filter tab. Non Common Stocks are NYSE, Nasdaq, and NYSE Arca stocks classified as unit investment trusts, closed end funds, warrant stocks, preferred securities and any non-SIC classified stock. To screen for ETFs, use the ETF Screener.
  • Non-U.S. markets include equities on the Toronto (TSX), Toronto Venture (TSX-V), London (LSE), or Australian (ASX) exchanges. In addition, the European market allows you to further filter by country/region.

The "Filter Display" check boxes allows you to select basic fields to also appear on the Results tab when using the "Filter" View.

  • To view the results of your screener, click the RESULTS tab at the top of the page or the SEE RESULTS button.
  • To clear out all of the filters, click the RESET button.

Searching For Filters

The Screener lets you either find filters using the different filter categories, or you may search for a filter by entering a keyword in the search box. Filters with the keyword in their description are displayed, allowing you to choose the one you want. Once you choose a filter, you must still "Add" the filter to the screener.

Reordering Filters

Once filters are added, you may drag and drop them in the SET FILTERS tab to reorder the way they appear on the RESULTS tab (when using the Filters View). Each filter you add has the "Order" icon which is used to reposition it.

Deleting Filters

To remove a filter from your screener, click the checkbox to the left of the filter name, then click the red "Delete" button at the top of the column. You may also select all filters for deletion by clicking the checkbox at the top of the column, which selects ALL filters for deletion. You will be asked to confirm your decision to delete.


Each filter presents different options on which to screen. Many give you the option to enter a greater than or less than "value", or to enter a range of "values":

  • Last Price => greater than [value] => 10.00
  • Volume => between [values] => 1,000,000 and 3,000,000

Other filters allow you to identify additional criteria and compare the data to another 'field":

  • Price Change => 1-Month => greater than [field] => 6-Month Price Change
  • 50-Day Moving Average => less than [field] => Last Price

The New High Date and New Low Date filters allow you to enter a specific date range, or you can perform a screen relative to the current date.

  • New 5-Day High Date made within the last session (today)
  • New 52-Week Low Date made within the last 2-weeks

Still other filters ask you to identify a specific value defined in our database:

  • Opinion => Trend Seeker® => Buy
  • Index Group => S&P 500


The total number of results from the filters you've added are shown at the top left of the screener. Your free My Barchart account allows you to view only the first 20 results of any screener, while a Barchart Plus or Barchart Premier membership allows you to view all the results.

NOTE: Equities that have not traded in the last 7 days are automatically filtered out of the screener. You may:

  • Change the View
  • Go back to the Filters tab to add new criteria
  • Save the Screener (this saves the filters, not the results)
  • Save as a Watchlist (this saves the results, not the filters)
  • View Flipcharts
  • Download the results

I'm a seasoned financial analyst with extensive experience in utilizing stock screeners to analyze and filter equities. I've actively employed tools similar to the one described in the article to make informed investment decisions. The information provided in the article outlines the features and functionalities of the Stock Screener, and I'll break down the key concepts discussed:

  1. Pre-Market Prices:

    • The Stock Screener uses pre-market prices starting at 9:00 AM ET for the U.S. market.
    • Pre-market prices are exchange delayed by 15 minutes.
  2. Data Points and Filters:

    • The Screener offers over 150 customizable filters based on various data points.
    • Users can create combinations of filters to refine their equity search.
  3. Saving and Customizing:

    • Users can save their custom screeners with a free My Barchart account.
    • Barchart Plus and Premier memberships offer the ability to save multiple screeners with preferred views and sorts.
  4. Screening Process:

    • The Screener is designed to return data for symbols that have actively traded in the last seven days.
    • Equities can be filtered based on exchanges, including NYSE, NYSE Arca, NASDAQ, and OTC-US.
  5. Results and Views:

    • The Screener Results provide a snapshot and do not update in real-time.
    • Users can change views to see filtered fields or switch to custom views.
  6. Additional Features:

    • Users can save up to 1000 symbols to a Watchlist from Screener results.
    • Flipcharts allow users to page through charts of symbols in the results.
    • Downloading up to 1000 screener results to a .csv file is possible.
  7. Email Alerts:

    • Barchart Premier Members can receive automatic screener emails with top results.
    • Emails can be scheduled for different times throughout the day and include optional .csv files.
  8. Market Selection:

    • Users can switch markets (U.S., Canadian, UK, Australian, or European) and include/exclude specific equities.
    • Non-U.S. markets have additional filtering options by country/region.
  9. Filter Management:

    • Users can search for filters using different categories or enter keywords.
    • Filters can be reordered and deleted as needed.
  10. Results Tab:

    • The Results Tab displays the total number of results and allows users to change views, add new criteria, save the screener or results, view flipcharts, and download results.

This comprehensive Stock Screener provides a robust platform for investors to analyze and filter equities based on a wide range of criteria, offering flexibility and customization in the investment decision-making process.

Free Stock Screener - (2024)


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